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You have ATV trails? What a great idea! How many miles of ATV trails are there?
Oh, we got a whole lot of trails up here in the Upper Peninsula, you could ride for days without using pavement (other than at crossings).,1607,7...1074--,00.html (Check out the regional maps, it looks like termites.) This area used to have a lot of railroads serving the local cities and industries (copper mines, iron mines, lumber), but as the mines dried up and semi-trucks became popular, most of the tracks were ripped out, leaving clear right-of-ways between all the local cities. So during the summer, they're ATV trails and popular with bikes and dog walkers, and during the winter they're groomed for snowmobiles.

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And a word of advice I thought of, if you head out to grab a number, it might get grabbed while you're out riding, so maybe it would be a good idea to grab a couple of numbers at a time......
I agree with the idea of "planning ahead" and think it would allow more people to play and keep the game moving. On other tag games, I've seen many complaints from people that can't play because they work and only have weekends free. As a student, I'm kind-of in the same situation, so by grabbing a bunch of tags, we can still play during the week instead of watching everyone else have fun. Also, you'll have a "backup" tag in case someone steals your tag. If everyone has multiple tags at their disposal, nobody has to worry about hogging all the action or being left out, because sooner or later it will roll around to a number that you have. I think the "spirit" of tag games is "while you're out riding, look for a ..." so go for a ride, grab some tags, and have fun (for example, after the #3 above, I started wandering around and found the #5 below, as well as a 7 which we may see soon). As long as your picture is only a few days old, I think it should count, we're on the honor system anyways, and after all, it's only a game.

And in that spirit:
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