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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
If you have a chance to look for those dots & get the part number off the back of the R/R please post?

It is curious that a few bikes seem to be charging "correctly" at 14.x volts while the majority charge at a "less than ideal" voltage...............
I'm telling you, BMW is running a test and substituting some regulators, at least that is what I suspect.

When I was with Volvo, we would go so far as to grind off part numbers on conspicuous parts we were substituting and stencil the normal part number back on, or pick a new part number out of thin air.

A part number I picked once was 8273558. The first 4 were my birthday and last 3 were same as original part # :)

It happens, manufactures and occasionally distributors do this. You don't need a special part number or colored dot unless you are going to call for the part back and want to make sure the dealer sends you the actually part and not just an equivalent part.

You usually don't need the part back, you just track what happens through the VIN warranty file.

In BMWs case, they will be looking to see if the alternate R/R fails, if the battery seems to fail sooner or later, if the ZFE or DME wig out from electrical noise, if the regulator gets so hot it makes grill marks on the riders leg, and for any other occurrence no matter how far fetched that seems to go with the part substitution.

You have to understand. Engineers with both the parts vendor and vehicle manufacture vet parts with huge mathematical equations and super computer simulations. Then hacks like me build test beds and throw whatever we can think of at the parts. Next it goes onto the internal fleet of test bikes and if you don't like them, it goes onto the corporate vehicles of ranking staff, without their knowledge. The last is the true beta test. Neither BMW or Volvo beta test on customers though it may seem like it.

All of this takes a year or two, which is why vehicle manufactures constantly get accused of taking forever to address known issues that you bet we don't acknowledge to customers as that only pisses them off worse.

Next up, the new part secretly goes onto a small number of vehicles picked at random. Dealers are not informed, often distributors like BMW Motorrad NA are not informed, the customer is absolutely NEVER informed.

Once on a customer bike the real test starts because no matter how long you simulate, stress test, and run the part on the internal fleet, customers will do things that never ever would have occurred to corporate.

If the need is urgent, say brake lines are cracking or such, engineers take their best guess, over-ingeneer and release the new part immediately. That is how you end up with recalls on your recalls :)

Either wary, manufactures are not transparent because they need a blind tests to truly vet new parts AND because to be honest, there is a bit of a herd mentality with customers. I am NOT putting anyone down! If I still owned an F8 I would be part of the herd and depending on which way I was wired, either disappointed I had the old regulator or stressed that I had a new un-vetted regulator.

Speaking of un-vetted...... I have modified two F800GS charging systems by inserting resistance between the stator and R/R. I ended up going with 0.09 ohms and saw peak charging power go down to 379 watts, idle charging power was not measurably affected. Stator temperature is the same at idle but down 9C at 4,000 RPM which is better then expected.

One rider is local and the other hales from AZ. Both riders are sworn to silence to maintain warranty i.e. this test is blind to even BMW lol.

Assuming these bikes don't explode in the next 2 months, or have the stators fail, i'll post how I made the changes and others can jump in on the experiment if they decide to.

All for now, back to testing batteries, wish me luck as the last battery I tested just released a cloud of hydrogen in my living room :)
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