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Originally Posted by officerleroy View Post
So on your Land Rover what would happen if you punched the throttle open the same amount caused by a bump kick? Does it feed the power gradually? Is it an abrupt delay?

I've got the booster plug on mine and that's helpend immensly, but I'm still looking for a little less twitch, especially at crawling speeds off road. I'm hoping one of those G2 throttle cams will fix this.
My Aprilia has elctronically controlled throttle, which I suspect will become standard on most bikes in the future.

It has three modes: "Sport" is twitchy, and hits full throttle with about 1/4 turn of the wrist. "Tour" is just right for me, requiring about 1/2 turn to reach max throttle. "Rain" not only increases the amount of time it takes for the throttle to follow the movements of your wrist, but also limits max horsepower. I use this mode off road, to control wheel spin with my primarily street oriented tire. If you give it full throttle abruptly, you can feel the throttle bodies delay until they catch up.
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