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- Foot dragger/Supervision: I think you two need to post a few pictures of your Hangtown days! Back in the northeast we had two events that were pretty wild... Unadilla and Loconia NH.

Saw many exciting battles with riders like Rodger D, Hannah, Jimmy Ellis, Pat Maroney, the KTM mounted Russians and others. Fans were very wild too. We made fake pit passes and roamed the inside of the pits and the track. Finally they caught us and turned us over to NY State Troupers on horseback to kick us out. They were nice guy though (and we were young) so they let us go!

Loconia in the early '70s was another very wild scene, lots of tits and naked women riding by and staggering around, motorcycle gangs, state police with dogs... a real eye opener at 11 years of age!

- Ctune: Those are very cool pictures. That is neat they let you put it on the ship. I too am impressed you still have it after all these years! Maybe you have a more recent photo as well? In any case, thanks for sharing these!

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