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I recently spent some time riding in the deserts of So Cal. I am now reviewing my kit, assessing the importance of each item; I thought that I would share my love of LDComfort undergarments.

When you spend 12 days riding through all sorts of climates, several things come to light as important or unimportant. My LDComfort shirt and shorts (or long johns) were in use every day of the ride, and in one case I didn’t take them off for three days straight due to below freezing conditions. I now consider LDComfort gear essential to every ride.

The LDComfort tights are designed to keep you warm, similar to any other set of long johns. It is clear a lot of thought has been put into the construction of the bottoms. The seams are placed well away from your “seating area” to reduce chaffing, which is very important on long rides. They also provide a very nice barrier if you use knee braces. I did not experience “monkey butt” or chaffing on the trip, this is due to the superior dual layer material that stays dry on the inside.

The Dual Layer Fabric
“Many factors can cause rider discomfort. Moisture retention can create an environment that softens skin and promotes bacteria growth. Any irritation added to soft skin like seams or chemicals can cause abrasions and rashes. Any of these situations can lead to ending your ride due to pain.” – LDComfort

The long sleeve shirt is the crown jewel of the LDComfort product line. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s HOT. Spring time in the desert; mid morning temperatures creep into the 80’s and 90’s in the afternoons. The trick to staying cool in HOT weather is to pour water into your sleeves and around your collar. The next trick is to CLOSE your vents and OPEN the cuffs of your jacket. This sounds counter intuitive when you are in hot weather, but it works! Air entering your cuffs flows across the moisture on the surface of the dual layer LDComfort shirt and cools your body. It is truly amazing. If you open all your vents or use a mesh jacket, your shirt will dry out too quickly and you loose the cool micro climate inside your jacket.

I have been wearing LDComfort shorts for a few years now on adventure rides, as well as trail rides and enduros. I am very excited to add the tights and long sleeve shirt to my permanent kit.

You won’t regret adding LDComfort to your kit.
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