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Carpinteria to Yuma

Pre-stage, Carpinteria to Yuma, 400 Miles
D-Day +1. Things not looking good this morning. Still have fever. Stay in bed until 1000 and decide this is it, I have to leave now or scratch the trip. Scratching was not an option. Call Burt and let him know I am going to try and get there in one day. If not, worst case we might have to delay by one day. Pack the last remaining items, go to fill up at gas station and while paying notice the 5-Hour Energy Drinks. Never tried one, could sure use some energy, if one is good, two is better, right? Turn on the tunes and hit the road. Needed a motivational song to get me going...

Just kind of put myself in the zone and went into autopilot. First stop is at Salton City, 275 miles, ate a Payday candy bar, my first ‘real’ food in a couple days.
Saw this sign for a beach. Is there actually a beach at the Salton Sea? Might have to check this out some other day.

I pondered one of the hot dogs on that little cooker that just keeps rolling them round and round, you’ve seen ‘em. Closer examination and a brief moment of mental clarity allowed me to get a good look at the little rancid rolling dogs and I had a change of heart.

You think there is an expiration date on hot dogs, i doubt it?

Here’s a stock image of the Golf Pro Shop in Salton City. Looks like the tweekers got to it! Can't imagine a golf course here, I saw no grass.
In fact this whole area seems like the spot where the soul got sucked out of the earth, or perhaps a war that was never
on the news???

Filled up at the AM/PM and push the last 125 miles to Yuma. Couple of strange drugged out dudes in the parking lot. Don't really want to take my eyes off the bike so fill up run in and pay and get out of Dodge.

Got to Burt's place 20 minutes after dark, not bad. I think I am running on adrenaline (or is that the 5-hour drink) and anticipation of the trip. Burt and I chat for a little while, I down 5 or 6 glasses of water and off to bed for me. Burt has a trailer on his property for guests. Many ‘famous’ travellers have slept here, you know who you are. Fever is still hovering at 102, as soon as I laid down my eyes were wide open and I was gritting my jaw (I was actually laying there composing a letter to the 5-Hour Energy company in my mind, I never put pen to paper). I think the 5-hour thing is an estimate, its now 10 hours and I feel like a ping pong ball. Has anyone ever done a research paper on the colon cleaning properties of 5-Hour Energy drink? Very effective, probably enhanced by the fact I hadn’t eaten in a couple of days.

A lot of freeway and desert today. Hard to get good photos of the desert while riding, just doesn’t do it justice. You guys in the southwest know what it's like, the open expanses, the pale blue sky, the quiet. Guess I should have tried to get some shots for people that don’t get a chance to ride in the desert, but hell, I was lucky to be getting down the mileage as it was.

Tomorrow we enter Mexico

Except we are going the other direction!
Copper Canyon Mexico or Will I Come Back Alive?
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