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Originally Posted by Red9 View Post
Stopping for fuel every 160kms sounds good to me!

Afterall that is 100 miles... nice to stretch the legs,grab a drink or take a whiz.
If its a vibrator, maybe. My Guzzi was fairly smooth and I once rode for 5 hours straight - - - no stopping, except for two red lights until I had to re-fuel. Sometimes one just wants to get to the destination, while sometimes one can want to wander around. BTW, I was fairly busting for a leak at that fueling station!

. . .

In fact, sadly, I'm willing to bet 90% of the posters on this site have never twisted the throttle on a two-stroker, and quite frankly have no clue what they're talking about. It's a completely different experience coming onto the powerband than any 4 stroke.
NOT every Two-Stroke! My second and third motorcycles were European-built Two-Stroke singles (CZ125 & H-D Aeromachi M65) and my first FOUR-Speed Gearboxes if I remember correctly. Pet-Oil mix at 10%!

What I do recall, upon returning to Four-Strokes, was that I could once again ride from A to B without stopping midway to swap (out) a fouled plug with a clean one.

I think that I'm completely past Two-Strokes --- even my Brush Cutter hasn't had much use for a long time. Hate that sound - motors should exhaust through mufflers. Otherwise, I may as well have a H-D.

I think my next (walk-behind) powermower will be electric.
'08 Suzuki AN650A Burgman (and trailer)
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