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Originally Posted by Tarka View Post
Hiya Cobby old bean.

Mmmm...bacon....the one at Petrolheads was even nicer than at the Ponderosa...three large rashers of back bacon on a fresh bread batch....mmmm.

I tend to have bacon when on days of leisure as opposed to when I`m travelling 'on a mission' where I seem to benefit from the sugar rush of a cake and coffee or Coke.
You could have had BACON at every stop we made if only you`d said.....
But you were too busy filling your face with chocolate cake/cherry pie or coffee and walnut cake.

Glad you liked my photos and they brought back happy memories.
Howdy Steve,

Youfukin Limy wanker, no wonder you kept filling up with all those good beers, you were hording all the BACON for yourself.

BACON, is the top and primary food on a Yanks food pyramid, its a national dish relished by all and the heart of any gathering of ADV-Riders.

I say old bean, I shall have to deduct five points from your score as host for perpetrating this international atrocity.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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