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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Folks tell me all time that I'm special... but usually they have a weird look on their faces....

I'm not sure what the "SC" suffix means compared to the more common "G" suffix.
A google search only shows up a few russian web pages that I haven't tried to translate........

I found a long thread here (54 pages):

And shorter one here:

I have not read all the crap yet, but netting it out, I think that:
These guys seem to have the same R/R as most of us (SH541G-12),
and were complaining of the same issue (low charging voltage of 13.x volts).

The fix that seemed to work was to solder the 3 connections in the plug to the R/R from the stator
to reduce resistance, and then adding extra wires on the battery side of the R/R to beef up the connections from the R/R to battery again to allow less voltage drop / loss.

After doing so, they claim charging voltages of 14.x volts.

Have we already talked about this.... I'm having one of those "deja vu all over again" moments........
I gave up reading the whole thing.... Have you seen a diagram regarding what they did...... I don't like to copy something....looking at soldered wires....and electrical tape..... Nothing wrong with that in itself.... but it just doesnt cut it for me understanding what's done.... But a diagram will......


(ps) It looks like in part what was done was what we call the "free power mod" over in the Thumpertalk forum...
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