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Originally Posted by JoelWisman View Post
[...] To date, I have not heard of any LiFePo4 batteries causing fires on motorcycles, just releasing a cloud of mainly steam and getting hot enough to melt some plastic. [...]
I am afraid, there's at least one incident that received visibility and subsequently acknowledgement from a Shorai tech on the same forum. Since that incident, Shorai had made adjustments, so the risk is likely very much reduced, not to mention it wasn't that high to begin with (in comparison to LIPo type batteries used in RC model airplanes/cars which have 4.2V/cell, rather than LiFePO4 3.6V/cell, when fully charged).

From my perspective, LiFePO4 batteries are really "bleeding edge" technology, and early adopters are quite lucky to deal with a company like Shorai, known to stand behind their product (i.e. they send a replacement during warranty through overnight FedEx, and there are at least 3 fellow inmates, including me, who were the recipients). Now, if I can only make sure the R/R will always behave in the future...
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