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Not about an RD, but one of the other 2T bikes of that era.

Late 70's I had a huge brain fart and decided to buy an H-1 to go roadracing. Ported the intake and exhaust, cut off all the unnecessary street stuff. Added expansion chamber exhaust, velocity stacks plus clip-ons and I fabbed some rearsets. PZ2 tires (remember those?) completed the build.

Until then I had just ridden a '77 Yamaha XS500 (parallel twin) which handled well- for those days- but was a bit down on power.

The Kaw 500 triple was the opposite. Good power once it was "on the pipe" but handled like......well it didn't.

Back straight at Bridgehampton was actually a series of slight lefthand kinks. AAMRR would have a second ambulance stationed at the end of those kinks and before the carousel. The H-1 would quickly weave down that section so badly that I figured that it would chuck me off and my body could slide right up to the waiting meat wagon.

THANK god current bikes have improved light years beyond those pieces of crap. I'll take a bike that can stop and handle along with accelerate.

The 2 strokes can take their place in the museum, IMHO.
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