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I gave up reading the whole thing.... Have you seen a diagram regarding what they did...... I don't like to copy something....looking at soldered wires....and electrical tape..... Nothing wrong with that in itself.... but it just doesnt cut it for me understanding what's done.... But a diagram will......


(ps) It looks like in part what was done was what we call the "free power mod" over in the Thumpertalk forum...
In short what they have done is improve the connections between the stator wiring and the crimp-on connectors plugging into the R/R and also beefed up the conductor size from the R/R to the battery terminals. This will cut losses in the system.

To me the most interesting part is that (apparently) the losses, and not some design change or defect in the R/R its self, are what caused the lower charging voltage ... or said another way, the R/R really WANTS to charge at 14.x volts but is being inhibited from doing so by external factors...
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