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Originally Posted by RattleCanRacer View Post
I'm jealous, my riding came after the end of the 2 stroke days. I had a yz225 i think as a kid and it would smoke the 4 strokes, I can only imagine how great a 350 would be, that would be perfect cause any thing bigger would scare the shit out of me.

Bone stock RD's weren't bad. Red line wasn't way up there and they were pretty tractable in power delivery.

I don't recall one for the RD but for some of the others (twin jet 100, some of the DT's and maybe the YS 250 and 305's) Yamaha produced a GYT kit (git kit) that was a kit to basically turn it in to a race bike. Some of the little 100's were screamers.

The folks who talk about how crappy the 2 strokes handled and braked forget that everything was about the same in braking, and the ones that handled good mostly did so because they were low in the power to weight ratio.
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