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Originally Posted by JoelWisman View Post
Alpi I have seen that video before, and though it may or may not technically be considered a fire, it wasn't very exciting, just a bunch of mostly steam. His charging system went super high voltage when his regulator went full tilt. A lead acid battery is actually more exciting under those conditions so I don't consider that occurrence noteworthy except in that nothing particularly bad happened and the smoke/steam looked cool. Find me flames that I can se and I will get more reactive :)
Hm, I'm not sure we refer to the same incident. The one linked has only a picture and some description that includes: "my new $140 super duper Shorai battery is on burning, spewing fire and smoke at an alarming rate. Given the dual hilarity and alarming seriousness of the situation, I am now conflicted whether to let the damn thing burn, or stop it before the fire hits the gas tank, and burns down the church, too! I managed to get the negative cable off the battery."
... and later in the same thread: "On a lighter note, I was contacted by Shorai today. They want to know how much it will cost for the entire repair of my bike, my labor time included, and are going to reimburse me for that amount."

It sounds like open fire, which fortunately damaged only some bike parts, before the owner managed to pull the cable, as far as I can tell...
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