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Originally Posted by alpi View Post
Hm, I'm not sure we refer to the same incident. The one linked has only a picture and some description that includes: "my new $140 super duper Shorai battery is on burning, spewing fire and smoke at an alarming rate. Given the dual hilarity and alarming seriousness of the situation, I am now conflicted whether to let the damn thing burn, or stop it before the fire hits the gas tank, and burns down the church, too! I managed to get the negative cable off the battery."
... and later in the same thread: "On a lighter note, I was contacted by Shorai today. They want to know how much it will cost for the entire repair of my bike, my labor time included, and are going to reimburse me for that amount."

It sounds like open fire, which fortunately damaged only some bike parts, before the owner managed to pull the cable, as far as I can tell...
This is how you write in a sport bike forum, I know as I ride sport bikes and belong to forums. A girl saying "nice bike" becomes a story about wild sex by the side of the road until the cops show up, then a wild chase with the naked girl on the back who is still.....

Burning plastic produces a header of black smoke visible for miles. There is NOTHING on that bike that will contain a fire. And in either case, pulling a battery cable will not do the remotest thing to slow a battery fire because if the battery and not a short is the cause of the issue, what you have is shorting cells IN the battery. If it is a short external to the battery producing smoke, sure, pulling the cable will remove the cause, but lead/acid batteries will start external shorts burning or smoking just the same.

Anyone concerned, look at the picture in the link. Thats steam from boiling electrolyte and likely some vaporizing plastic.

I'll bet that battery got super hot, shrink wrapped its case and melted the insulation of wires touching it, all of which I have seen lead acid batteries do.

Notice the op set his helmet carefully on the ground next to the front wheel, something sport orders do not do if concerned about real fires.

Here is some real fire coming out of a LiFePo4 cell. The guy demonstrating is a nut of my favorite sort who I correspond with.

In his previous attempt, putting an 80 amp 22 volt charger on a single cell only made the battery label melt before the cell opened internally, so he went at it again with a 1500 watt heat gun simultaneously with the 80 amps and managed to create fire.

On a power sports battery, there are 4 cells in series, so this would require 88 volts, and a heat gun. No bike or car charging system can do this, and even if they could, all the other electronics on the bike would shoot fire long before.

Here is the video:

If you want to see where the fire and explosion concern comes from, click on some of liveforphysics532 other videos to see what the dangerous lithium chemistries can do, and note, what the LiFePo4 cell did is boring compared to what a lead/acid battery will do under 5x over voltage, 8C charge rate with no heat gun required. At the least with lead/acid you will get a ball of fire 10X the size of the battery and acid everywhere including your eyes.

I am SOOOO not impressed with Shorai batteries to date, but I find zero evidence they are a fire hazard.
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