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well fuck and shit ,
sorry to get your hopes up, but he's desided that since he's had it so long it's got sentmental value and
wants more for it now. ... i'm not happy at all.

but i did buy a 1935 ford flathead v8 from him and a 70'a moto guzzi frame from him for $34, .. not
sure what i'll do.. but i may just have to build a bike with that..

the rd had the cafe rear and front cowl.. and it's still for sale.. so who knows.. mayhaps if he get's his
thumb out his ass and figures a price i might buy the rd.. but i don't trust him now. ..

what a rat fuck of a situation.

mayhaps i'll build something like a henderson streamliner with the guzzi and the v8. it's only a 80hp 8ba.
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