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Marsh Tiger, I didn't get to ride it all, but you've done an outstanding job with the HO-CAT! I thoroughly enjoyed the northern sections of it today.

I feel like I'm hijacking your thread too much, but this is a gateway to the HO-CAT so I guess it's relevant. I went ahead and extended the MEOW up to Cayce. It is 125 miles of dirty goodness. Not all dirt, but a lot. Where the blue and red tracks meet is in the town of Rowesville. The gray route at the bottom of the below pic is of course the HO-CAT. I'll post a GPX file in your GPS thread in Layin' Down Tracks tonight. The Westvaco parcel I wanted to sneak through was buttoned up tight today, so it's not included in the MEOW. Thanks, hunt clubs.

I don't want to talk a whole lot about the MEOW here (would rather inmates get out and explore it for themselves!), but I'll post a few photos from it and the HO-CAT.

I saw a lot of scenes like this today:

Here are a few shots from the Cattle Creek Campground on Cattle Creek Road. I used to work with a lady who'd take me here to eat lunch during camp meeting week. The tables in the "tents" would be laden down with fried chicken, ham, butter beans and lots of other vegetables, desserts and tea. I'd just about have to take a nap when getting back to work after one of those meals. The large old building is where they'd hold church services.

Here's where the MEOW meets the HO-CAT:

Lunch at the little diner in Cottageville was good (cheeseburger and fries). They had a small salad bar and other items on the menu such as sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs, wings, and appetizers. The special today was sausage jambalya & cabbage.

A few shots from the HO-CAT:

I went back home on Hwys 15/61/21, and much prefer the way I came down to all that pavement. I did see a sign on Hwy 15 just south of Canadys that made me hit the brakes and turn around, though:

The Big Ass Farm is for sale, too, so if any of you win the lottery tonight and buy it, how about fix up its driveway a little (or not ):

It was a good day!
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