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Originally Posted by Hunsta View Post
I love a rebuild of any description, but your last post has me a little confused.
Your cutting off any tab or bracket that isnt necessary to save weight, but you`ve added that front end that will probably add twenty times the weight your cutting off.
Can I ask why your going for a leading link style front instead of a conventional fork set up. I understand that when braking this creates a sort of anti-dive to the front, but its only a 100cc bike. How much dive can you be trying to save on such a lightweight machine?
Please note Im not knocking your rebuild or ideas. Just trying to understand them.

haha the point has muddled.

it has transformed from the final idea being a cafe to the final idea being almost a brat style.

the front end was just a good deal i stumbled upon for cheap and i thought it would add a lot of personality

at this point im just bolting on cool bits and bobs and seeing where it takes me.

at the time i cut off all the tabs i was still aiming at hardcore cafe racer.

so how is this bike going to turn out now?

i guess well just have to see. i may still go cafe style but it may end up something all together different just kind of winging it but thats how all my best projects get done.
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