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Well said.
Originally Posted by gfloyd2002 View Post
Anyone who comes into a thread entitled "gratuitous debaucherous escapism" to complain better be complaining about insufficient levels gratuitous debauchery. For example, one might complain of the rising anti-sparklepony vibe in the most recent post. One might balk, for example, at the "they use their lack of clothing to manipulate us and mooch stuff" POV as a naive, moral perspective inconsistent with the thread title and, disturbingly, signalling fewer sparklepony pics in upcoming posts. However, since the commentary is founded upon sparkleponies not having sex with the author despite taking his drugs, it seems a completely valid point. Please proceed. (Oh, more butt pics please. I found them to be completely gratuitous, thus delivering perfectly on the promise you made in the thread title.)
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