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Drinking and Driving in Ireland... Not at the same time

5am. Bushmills Ireland
Im sitting in my bnb room wide awake and staring at the ceiling when I suddenly get the hair up my ass to write my first RR. I just arrived in Ireland yesterday with little sleep, a lot of coffee and metric shit-load of pent up anticipation. Here's the plan. 1 week to do the circumference of the emerald isle on a rented Triumph Tiger 800 with minimal gear and minimal plans...

The trip sofar..
Left Sacramento at 6am, arrived in Dublin the next day at 8am, bus to the train station, train to Lisburn, cab to Phillip McCallen motorcycles, pick up the bike from Sam, drive through Belfast to the coast, coast counter clockwise to Bushmills where I currently am now. Needless to say it was a long couple of days with minimal sleep and almost non existant hygiene. It didn't hit me that I should probably take it easy the first day until I had my AH-Ha moment 5 miles out of Bushmills. Yesterday I discovered sleep deprivation, caffiene and my hardwired American affinity for the right side of the road are a bad combo.. If my face looked anything like the faces of the people in the oncoming car then I think we all have some underpants that need to be thrown out. My new motto. Stay on the left... Stay on the left...

This is just the intro, more to follow and the pictures haven't even begun. I'll also try to keep in real time from here on out

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