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Originally Posted by DeeGee View Post
I am seriously thinking of going to watch the Dakar next year
There are several threads on this subject from past years. Tons of good advice in those threads.

I did it with a couple of guys the first year in South America. We rented bikes. It was super fun! But unless you have very solid connections with someone in the race, you won't get access to the bivouac, which is where all the visible action is. And you won't have much time to watch actual racing because you yourself will be racing down the highway most of the day to keep up. And since the course is secret, it's often difficult to even find a decent place to watch the race. If you can pull off a trip like this, it's worth it! But don't under estimate the difficulties and challenges. It's not at all like a normal sightseeing trip!

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
Myself, IF I could follow (and not race) I would buy a good used dual sport in the large town where it starts and sell it for pennys on the dollar at the finish town's local moto shop
Be careful with that. If you don't have all kinds of proper vehicle paperwork when you cross boarders, you won't be crossing boarders! If the finish isn't in the same country as the start, it might be near impossible to sell a vehicle in a different country that where you bought it.
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