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Originally Posted by Blink74 View Post
I'd like to see a review like that for the BMW soft case.
Are you talking about the "Sport 2 Softbag large"? Or the small? Or? I just got the large Sport 2 Softbag in the large size last week. I wanted a single waterproof tailbag with a shoulder strap to commute to work in every day. I had been using my panniers, but I had to take off one side case every day before storing my bike in the shed, so it was a bit of a pain in the butt. It was also a pain to have to unload my work stuff and clothes from separate containers and carry it all in every morning...hard to swipe my ID badge when my hands were full. With this single softbag, I can use the shoulder strap to easily carry all my work stuff (laptop, food, diabetic crap) and my gently folded work clothes with minimum hassle. Its working great for that purpose. Its HUGE...I think you could easily pack for an extended weekend trip using just that bag only. It feels very well made and solid...I love that it holds its shape when empty. This was an important feature for me as I wanted to keep my dress clothes from getting wrinkled on the way into work. Its held very securely to my GSA using 4 nylon straps that snap onto connectors on the bag...I have no worries about it coming off. They conveniently give you a bunch of nylon straps of various sizes to allow you to pick what fits your particular setup. The bottom of the bag is U shaped to fit over the passenger seat....its not a 100% perfect fit on the back...that is, its not like it was solely made to fit the particular contours of the GSA, but it fits nicely enough. Again, I have no worries that it will come off. For the standard GS, there are pockets on the bottom that allow it to slide over the luggage rack for an even more secure fit. It fits other BMW models as well according to the huge instruction book that comes with it.

I haven't tested it in the rain yet, so I can't attest to its water-proofness, but its supposed to keep your stuff dry.
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