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newburt and his splines

well, it's raining here in s vt again and am nearly done w/my annual stuff on my r75/6. w/only 4400 miles done last summer on this bike, didn't think i'd lube the tranny splines again since i did them last year. but, i was bored.

last year i pulled the trans back until nearly all the spline length was exposed, and found a dry spline. i got some full synthetic valvoline moly grease and covered all splines with a thin coat. moly lube is now gone, splines are dry, but still look unworn. clutch was not, and has never been, "grabby".

this time am trying a very thin coat of permatex anti-sieze. does it need it? no idea. does it hurt? prob not.

on the rear wheel splines i can report good results using the same stuff. have always used permatex anti-seize since i bought the bike in 1980. i did sell it to my neighbor, but bought it back since he never drove it. 4 years later i sold to it another guy. he drove it some, but the poor thing was lost in a sea of bikes so i bought it back.

rear wheel splines, annual lube w/anti-seize, 42K miles. you can see the drive and driven sides.

1976 r75/6 -- mine since 1980, thx lloyd!
1985 vf500f -- v4, 6 spd, 16v, triple discs, water cooled
1997 900ss -- full sp spec
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