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I think you need to look at the class structure for the series you're going to be racing in.

If it's CC dependent then a 2T 250cc will be a better choice than a 250f. If it's just a lites/regular class than a 250F will be the better bike for the lites class. Beginner class might just be all beginners or divided into 2 classes, either by the engine cc or bike class.

At most hare scrambles ORANGE is the dominant bike; and for good reason they kick ass in the woods. My limited experience with harescrambles were the guys on anything else were MX racers first and woods racers 2nd so they just use their MX bike.

A KTM (EXC/XC/MXC) will be woods ready, whereas something like a YZ-250 will need some set-up work especially for a n00b racer. If there's a 200cc and under class, I'd get the KTM 200xc, otherwise I'd get the 250xc-f; another bike to consider might be a Husky TE-310 (again depending on class structure); there was a guy in the masters class on a plated one who lapped me on the 3rd lap when that bike first came out, and out of 80 riders he finished in the top 10! (the guy was a factory rep for BMW/Husky and racing for 30some odd years

While I haven't had a KTM 200 I have had a 525mxc and that bike was hands down one of the easiest riding off-road bikes I've ever ridden. My KX-250 (which took a lot of set-up to get woods rideable) was lighter and more flickable in single track; BUT you're probably not going to be racing on gnarly single track (the series I raced in the beginner class was set up like GNCC, 3rd 4th gear trails with a couple obstacles and a MX track thrown in occasionally) and a 2stroke takes a little more work to ride fast. I'm a true 2 stroke fan but the reality is 4strokes are easier to ride especially for a beginner.

DO NOT get a KDX, XR anything, DRZ if you plan on EVER being remotely competitive, they don't have the suspension to hold up to MX pace for 90 minutes to 3hrs of abuse. Plus you'll be crashing those pigs a lot with their weak suspension trying to keep up with the rest of the field.
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