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Looking forward to watching this project develop.

The brake thing - As far as my Metralla and I relate it to my early 911 - a lot of people say they are less than adequate - but they didn't say that back in the day.
They are very nicely matched to the machines performance level and were by all reviews impressive back in the day - "...braking performance is exceptional" (Cycle World Jan. 1964) and "You can bring it to a dead stop from 30mph in 27 ft." ( from a 1965 print add).

Of course compared to today's standards they are not so great, but if you ride the [old] machine you got instead of the way you would a modern machine they are plenty adequate.
When used as a control tool they are not so aggressive as to kill momentum and give really nice feedback and allow subtle modulations.
- And that for me is what is so cool about these old momentum machines - the feeeeeeellings.

Here's a pic of my birthday present to myself and my M8 to hold us over till Blaine's project gets off the ground.

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