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I'm fascinated by Dario Franchitti's problems with the new car. If anyone sees an analysis of why his style doesn't mesh with it, please post it. I'd love to understand what's going on. (FWIW the commentators said it's not which foot he brakes with, IIRC.)

That was a satisfying meal of a race. Whatever the combination -- tires, fuel, aero or engines -- they have a formula that allows for passing.


Great drive by Bourdais. I kept wondering if his Lotus engine would blow-up. Not often you cheer for a 9th place finish. But Lotus is such an underdog it's good to see it have a wee bit of success.

They sure seem to have trouble changing the rear tires. Two consecutive problems with the right rear nut cost Dixon the race. And he wasn't the only one with troublesome pit stops.

Good race.

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