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day 6

day 6

I'll write what I can before I have to go out this evening.

Slept in a little, nice not to have to worry about being anywhere and a hot shower felt great. Lizzy & billy were out with the dogs so I puttered around and wrangled up some coffee and breakfast. She bought bacon as a treat so I made sure I had some.

When Billy got back we went out to a nearby Honda dealer to get some oil to do and oil change on my bike. Wouldn't you know Honda doesn't have a single thing that runs on 20/50? No luck there so we darted over to Canadian Tire and as luck would have it they had Amsoil 20/50 which is what my bike was running anyway.

my tour guide

what's wrong with this picture? Look close...

Billy's owned a KTM 640 Enduro for years, you may recall I was riding it at a track day with him 3 years ago when I last went to CroMag, so he knew a Subaru Justy oil filter would fit the bike too. Spin on covered the cartridge filter can wait until I get home.

slow guy

I popped by the house to hang out my laundry then back over to Billy's to do the oil change in his driveway, no issues it went pretty smooth. As my front tire was already hurting and I'd burned up almost half my rear he offered me a set of new 80/20 street/trail tires but I couldn't face getting into changing them so decided to keep running what I had until the end.

In the meantime I'd been talking to the folks who call me for Cirque du Soleil jobs and they invited me to stop in to puts names with faces, being a nice day with nothing else on my agenda I got on the 40 headed east. Should be an easy spin over and the offices are right beside the autoroute, sweet.

Not long into my ride I hit some serious traffic and it was getting hot out; I was watching my temp gauge climb and realized my cooling fan wasn't coming on either. Dammit! Ok, I really needed to get off this road before my bike blew up. The first exit I could get to was to get off right by the 15 south interchange, good by me so I could get some air through the rads. The 15 is the main route south across the Champlain Bridge and then to the US border. (this becomes important later) I happily rode across the bridge when I saw the traffic building on the 570 through downtown and watched the temperature go back down to a happy place and turned east on the 20 on the south side of the river. For anyone who hasn't been across any of the Montreal Bridges they're pretty long spans with nice views. Not that I was using a map or GPS to find my way around, I figured I could just wing it and Katty at the office had suggested Lorimier Street if I needed to head north which I knew was east of me. There are more bridges to get back on so I took the first one I saw–the Victoria Bridge. When I took the exit and came around in line with the bridge a terrifying sight greeted me, with no way out. Oh shit...
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