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Very cool race bars!!!

To the brakes, - again, here I'am probably a little bit blinkered from my personal experience,
comparing the rear brake blaine.hale showed us here:

To the brake of mine, (before rebuild):

The set up looks likewise beside the actuating through wire and through rod at the Bandito.

After rebuild the brake plates:

When mounting I found out they did not work at all, they where sliding so much I could not even turn the wheels, these are NOS brake pads! I chalked them, put them in again and found out that they where slide nearly everywhere:

I then gave them away to the shop that mounted the complete brake plate with the brake pads mounted to a shop and they turned them down:

So they do really fit now to the drum of the hub:

As you see I did everything possible to get them perfect adjusted, still the braking power is not very high ...

When looking at a Metralla I at least see that the front brake is cooled and have double action, the rear brake has only single action but should have a double pin for each brake plate when I remember right ??? With the double pin
you have the advantage that the brake plates will have better contact to the hub.

What would be an improvement too would be to mount steel liners inside the hub instaed of the brittle chroming shown in the pic above, this will improve braking too, (again I have no clue what Bultaco mounted inside the Bandito brakes ... )

Will be interesting to see ... looking forward to pics of the parts.
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