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Momentum, I haz it.

Today, I took the MEOW again (fun, fun), ate at the Olde House Cafe in Walterboro (so-so; their macaroni pie had Velveeta in it but the roast pork was good) and then rode the Southern sections of the HO-CAT this time. I realized today that I only have a fraction of the dirt available in the large area between Rowesville/Branchville and Bowman/Reevesville included in the MEOW, since I tried to keep that route headed more or less in a linear fashion, but there are a lot of dirt roads in that area that need riding.

At one point I crossed over I-95 at the Southern-most part of the HO-CAT and was met with an open gate but it was marked "Private Drive". There was a truck just coming out of the gate towards me, however, so I went and since I felt he was giving me the evil eye, I did a 180 and went back across that deep-assed sand with him following me, and took the next road that crossed the interstate to join back up with the route. What's up with that? That road is marked "SC S-15-66" on both sides of the interstate on maps.

Anyhoo, I'm about HO-ed out for one weekend.

From the MEOW:

From the HO-CAT:

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