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OK, next up is side panels and seat. Like everything else, these items were beat to hell on my bike. Just as well as I was planning to replace the yellow number plates with a style closer to that of the factory bikes.

To see what I mean, here's a photo of Bob Hannah's 1979 250cc OW40. You can see the side number plates are of a lightweight translucent type material.

It turns out there have been a few different suppliers that made factory look replacement number plates for the 465.

Somehow or another I wound up with four different sets that are all a little bit different from each other. The photo below shows them all lined up. I will try to point out some differences.

First up is the Maier. These are solid gloss white. I bought these directly off the maier web site. As you can see, they come undrilled. They are solid white, not translucent as on the OW40. The quality appears good however they do not have the molding for the airbox vent (see left side plate) as the yamaha OEM or the other plates do.

The next up is DC plastics. These plates are a matte like opague finish. They look durable and fit pretty well. Mine came drilled. I would prefer to get them undrilled so I can optimize the fit to a particular bike.

I got the 3rd set of plates off ebay. I have no idea who made them but they are also of very good quality and fit. They are a little bit thicker than the DC plates. These seem to be the closest to OEM in form and finish (except for color). These came undrilled.

The 4th set of plates came with another bike I bought. These are the only plates that are translucent like the OW. They are pretty thin and are not formed as well as the others. Being as crude as they are, my first thought was to toss these in the trash. But looking back at the OW photo, those plates are crude too! My plan is to use a heat gun to get a proper fit on the bike. In the end, I will probably use these for display and the DC plates for racing. The other plates (1 & 3) will be saved for the other bikes I now have.


I knew I was going to replace the seat cover but as the rest of the bike was really starting to shape up I decided to replace the seat foam as well.

In selecting the cover be sure to check for the lettering on the back side. Some covers have YAMAHA in the sides but not on the back like the OEM cover does. I am happy to report the fit and finish of cover and foam I received were great! I'll try to dig up the supplier info for the benefit of others.

The installation itself is simple. Remove the staples, cover and foam. Assemble in reverse order .

In my case, I aligned and stapled the front and back first. I then worked from front to back, pulling down and stapling the cover so as conform to the contour of the foam.

Here is a progress photo with the cover just laying on the seat. I have removed the tank decals before sanding and polishing the tank. The panels are the number 3 version (photo above). The green ovals and front number plate are from Vintage Iron and are high quality.

To brighten the tank up I first sanded it using 400 wet/dry working up to 1000 grit. I then used a buffer with polishing compound followed by new tank decals. Not perfect but much better than what I started with. How about those KYB decals on the forks? Just like the OW

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