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Originally Posted by RFlagg42 View Post
Here is my cut: You mentioned one of the reasons for coming up with a new version for the Adventure was the need for a larger size due to the area available to place the sticker. I think I would prefer a larger version, but identical design, of the one you sell for the 1200GS, rather than the one above. Probably the first thing I didn't like about the version above was the white stripe as I really like all the shades of black and gray which are naturally on the bike. I immediately took off the stock, white, lettering in that spot which came with the bike. In fact, I think I would prefer a version where the outline of the "R1200 Triple Black" was more of a gray or gunmetal color, rather than white, making the whole thing a little more subtle. It would still be reflective, but what it says wouldn't jump out at you unless you were right by the bike.

Just my thoughts and I appreciate you soliciting ideas.

Also, here is another photo of your products. I took the black reflective striping that you sell for the GS Adventure cases, cut them in half vertically, and then placed them on the corner of my Metal Mule panniers. Again, great reflectivity.

Hi Eric,
I appreciate your input, I am making up a Triple Black for the Adv model identical to the regular 1200GS Triple Black sticker albeit on a larger scale to suit the larger tank panel area, I think I too would like to see what a simpler design would look like, I will update with pics when I've experimented

I like your ingenuity with the pannier chevrons too

Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
I went through a couple of 2 Wheel Humvee's decals .....

Black and Silver:

Then I decided to go with all Black:

Very effective, I can't decide which colour sticker I like best on your bike, loving the Red tank panels-nice job

Originally Posted by nomad5326 View Post

Steve, are you still making F650GS Dakar (wording) emblems? Going to do a repaint. Still looking for reflective red or silver (I think your pewter was non-reflective) if avail as well as reflective Black (converting a standard GS)

Also, do you have the the F800GS style and R1200GS with Adventure underneath in F650GS and F650GS with Adventure underneath (black/Red and Silver/Red)?

Awesome work!

And before I get bombarded, the chain has been replaced and is oiled!
The only products I have for the 650 are the "F650 GS" in panel size ( the same as in your pic) and a smaller version for fitment to helmets etc.
I don't have the artwork to reproduce the original factory look stickers-sorry

pssst.......They are right about the chain
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