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So I brought my wife and kid so this is a ride n drive report.

We left Thursday and seen this sick adventure bike.

But before that we loaded the truck. Stroller, dump truck, there's also the fastest dr650 hidden in there also.

Coming into the panamint valley, we got buzzed by two f-18s

They were so low I was flashing my brights at them while yelling at my wife to get a picture.

Sunrise came early Friday since my son wakes up at 615 every morning.

On Friday pointman took us on a ride to Cerro Gordo.

After Cerro Gordo we went over the backside towards saline valley road, did hunter mountain towards tea kettle junction. Lunch at tea kettle and a Hebrew lesson. We then went down lippencott pass. DannyG got a front flat at the bottom but it only delayed us 20 minutes. Fridays mileage was 149 miles.
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