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On saturday we went for the panamint cabin tour. we saw 3 or 4 cabins. first we went up to briggs cabin. we went up the front side which was really rocky and technical, also the wind was blowing 50kts, at least it blew the dust away. I didnt take any pictures on the way or on the way back. only this video of the cabin, which is so hidden away that there is no way any noobs could even get there. while we were there a couple of jeeps pulled in coming from the trail above, so i was thinking the hard part was over. boy was i wrong! lets just say its instant death if you go off the trail. it was really crazy and impressive at the same time. at the top there was hidden meadows and a few more cabins. i think we did 90 miles that day but they were really hard and technical. at the top there was a really steep hill climb with about an 80 mph crosswind that almost blew over dannyG and blew over Finn on the husaberg, i made it all the way too the top and looked back and saw everyone turning around. so i crept back down. probably the hardest trail ive ridden the DR-650 up so far. we went out suprise cabin then back to psr where i showered and loaded up and went home saturday night. really fun trip, thanks to everyone who made it fun. heres the only pic/vid from saturday

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