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Here is my RR for 2012 DV noob's Rally.

I was the last one to leave for DV as usual. Worked until 5:00pm and left at 5:00:01 sharp.
Unfortunately I had to go through 5 Fwy all the way to 2 and then Angeles Crest. Since we took it last year for Kennedy Meadows with Rich (M1Jeep), I never take 5 to 14 anymore. It saves about 20 miles but more importantly it is a great ride.

5 Fwy

Going to Angeles Crest

Last DV trip I took 395 all the way up to Olanca and catch 190 from there but this time I rode through Trona. The road was dark and lonely...

But the weather was surprisingly warm. And not windy. So it was a very nice ride for me. When I finally arrive at the camp it was little after 9:00pm. I said hi to friends and checked in to my suite.
I was reading posts from camp until 5pm so I heard about Prakesh's little accident. I found him by the fire with Diego (Perro From Hell) and Eric (Fudgypup).
He wasn't in a bad mood at all.

Saturday morning every body was ready to ride/drive.
Rich (M1Jeep) was driving his "armor" this time due to a freak accident messed up his knee last month at CNF.

Eric is getting ready for his ride while John is taking Prakesh and his bike back to LA in his truck on the background.

Joel's new van: apparently he took off my poster from it.

Most beautiiful bike in the camp. And check out the tent on top of that truck...

Pete (Grinch), Nancy (Izzyblue) & Finn (LostRider) having their morning coffee at the restaurant. Grinch looks very happy, probably he knew that he was gonna win the big prize (Garmin Montana) tonight.

Our 10 rider Saturday group was down to 3 by 9:00am Saturday morning , Larry (GalacticGS), Joel and me. We took pavement to Furnace Creek for breakfast and met Super Suz at the restaurant. She was riding her street bike this time.

190 was windy as hell. Then we took West Side Road and it was windy as well. So we were fighting with wind all the way to Warm Springs Road.
Warm Springs Road was very very rocky. It is a good thing that I didn't air down at all. So for the first time in DV, no flats at all.
Joel is taking a break from rough rocky trail.

He asked me to take a picture first before helping him up.

We made it to Geologist cabin around 1:00pm.

Scenery was breathtaking as usual.

Our ride leader Larry. He is faaasssttt oh his small bike......

We made it up to Mengel Pass with out an issue. Boulders on that hill was placed comfortably to navigate around. Met Lior and Moshe at the top. They were low on fuel so Joel helped them out. I dont know how much he charged them per gallon...

Sito and Moshe had some fun on that steep hill looking for a short cut to cabins.

Joel is riding through one of many rock gardens on the way to Golar.

Unlike me, Joel choose the right line for the steps and made is just fine.

Here is the proof:


Defender of the town:

Father & Son (I assume). I dont have the names, sorry.

Heading back to camp after a long and tiring ride. Thanks alot Larry for leading.

We were back at the camp before 4:00pm and Eric (Fudgypup) invited me for a short ride to Darvin.
Diego (Perro From Hell)

That place is just dead... I dont know what people are doing there? Any idea???

Commander Fudgypup

Diego on his 990R

And Josh.

Back at the camp, Todd and Eric. Twin towers:

Saturday night was extremely windy. If it wasn't the little hope for winning a bottle of Karma, I wouldn't be standing there freezing my ass off... Raffle and the presentation was hilarious thanks to 1224R.

Sunday morning everybody was getting ready to get back. Joel decided to try Macademia's Beemer, he was missing something...

Duy figured it out soon, about 6 to 8 inches...

Big guns are loading their bikes into their bedroom/livingroom/kithcen/garage = trailer

There is a little boy sandwiched between his dad and camping gear, probably around 5 years-old.

Following Duy towards Trona:

And John (Luv2Race) following me:

Bye bye beautiful. See you soon.

I hope you made it all the way to here. I know it was a long report. More pictures are on my SmugMug. Videos are coming...
That is my RR for this years noob's rally. Thanks again to Joel and all the volunteers, and also all the riders that made this possible. Hope to see you next year.
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