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Originally Posted by subybaja View Post
Hey, Evan. I'm hoping for a little info on the KLR650 280w stator.

I corresponded with Trent Kirby at Electrosport a while back, and the 400w had been discontinued due to failures. The 280 was still for sale, along with a recommended regulator upgrade.

The 400s left such a bad taste that most folks on the KLR boards have a "Don't do it!" kneejerk reaction to any stator upgrade.

How reliable is your 280, and does it need an upgraded regulator? I look forward to having a solid part to recommend!

Do you have a graph like above for the KLR?

Thanks, and good luck with the business!
Hey Suby,
Thanks for the msg. I'm well aware of the stigma from the "400W" KLR stator. I'm fighting it every day trying to get KLR guys to realize, we're NOT Electrosport, and we make high quality parts, not junk! Which is really too bad, because our 286W stator is a very nice, easy and useful upgrade on the KLR's, and is very reliable.

I have not a had a single failure whatsoever on my 280W KLR stators. I do recommend replacing the regulator for longtime reliability, as the h/o stator can be a little stressful long term on the stock r/r. I have plenty of stators right now, but am currently out of stock on the regulators (we're in production on them as we speak though). As soon as I have them on the shelf I will make a kit for stator & regulator at a discount. Plenty of stators available though!

I do have a graph for the KLR stator output:

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