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What a great weekend and especially for my first DV Noobs Rally and first time to DV. Riding in from Trona road I almost blew the first turn dropping into the valley because I was so surprised by the view. Didn't get into PSR unitl about 12:30 Friday which put me and Bob (MNcherryinCA) out in the back of the campground, but that proved to be great as it was super quiet and we had an amazing view.

Our site

our view

Friday night Jimmy Lewis demo; "this is how you should ride over a little rock"

Joel and Jimmy

Saturday was a great ride led my TBarstow and it was a nice tight group and good mix of riders. First stop was Choloride Cliffs

"One small step for man, one giant leap for ADV" - TBarstoiw

bigtoad meets bigtodd

Yes folks, John (luv2race) did take his 990 right to the edge of the look out .... SKILLS!

I think coming down was more impressive, that was not easy ... and he didn't want to do it again for vid

Master Chief?

Second half the of the day was in Titus Canyon. For my first time, I can only say AMAZING. Tim's suggestion of coasting down the canyon was great and made it that much more enjoyable.

it begins

the guys

Bob and Tim

Sunday LostRider led a fun relaxed ride around Pennamint Valley. We planned to check out some cabins but called it short ... was a great ride and easy cruise on the big red beast.

stopped at Ballarat for a cold one with Rocky, bikes out front

Finn is a great guy and a super ambassador for the sport ... Love the LOST decal on his helmet

See all the pics here:
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