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Originally Posted by blaine.hale View Post
That was pre-tune up video ;)
The just got it excitement.

Tried to time and crank the matador, lost my spark again, got pissed and decided beach vacation this weekend will do me a world of good.
It gets spark when I file the I may replace em.[/QUOTE

I used to have a five speed Matador, bought it new back in my bike shop days, one interesting feature of the wire harness was the grounding of the ignition system through the brake light switch. The switch was normally grounded, when you pushed on the pedal the switch would open and the ignition would seek ground through the brake light filiment, causing the bulb to light up. Due to Bultaco's superior method of mounting the tail light to the alloy rear fender, you took the tail light off to ride in the brush (if you didn't, it would fall off in a few days anyway) and everytime the brake was used the system lost ground. At higher rpms it didn't matter much but at idle speeds the bike would just die. A proper ground connection instead of the brake light switch and it worked a whole lot better.

Ground the green wire.

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