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Originally Posted by Tim McKittrick View Post
This may mot be exactly what you were after- but it does contain some very useful info on 2-stroke oils and how they differ.
I read the article you linked, and some parts of the longer article it referenced. It all left me still a bit confused, especially on the TC and TC3, or is it TCW3 ratings. The longer article talks about Sea-Doo only wanting the TC oil in their engines. If I caught it right it offers better protection at higher temps, etc. etc... Sounds like a really good oil for a 2-stroke bike(?), or not? Or, is TCW3 (or TC3?) OK for air-cooled bikes?
Being rather new (again) to 2-strokes I'm still confused about what to use in the F7 175 Kawasaki I'm working on. I'm building it to a "street-tracker" theme. I'm going against much of the opinion given when I inquired about going to pre-mix, rather than keep the injection system. The injection system is gone from the bike and stored away for a future owner, injection-is-better purist. So-o-o-o, brands aside, what rating oil do I use? FWIW, I have a Sea-Doo jet ski, so I have the oil on hand that they recommend and I think I gleaned out of the article that it's TC oil. I also have TCW3 (I think) oil on hand too, since that's what I use when I decide to punish myself by (on rare occasion) using the weedeater trimmer.

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