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I found the link helpful in explaining the different bases for the oils in question and the relative differences in oils intended for injection purposes vs mixing.... My take away is that for premix the castor derived oils still provide superior film strength but cost more and have some other side effects- more smoke and possible ring/power valve sticking. Many of the synthetics are aimed toward use with injection systems.

I came upon the article while looking for a proper oil to use in my Honda RS250 race bike this season- the machine is new to me and the Castor A747 recommended by HRC is no longer available. From all I've read, the choice for this machine came down to the Maxima Castor 927 or Motul 800 2t... all are blends and have reportedly some amount of bean oil in them but none are like the oils of yesteryear. I'm going to go with the Maxima as it's easier to get my paws on.

Of course, the F7 175 in question here is hardly one to be exposed to extreme stresses- it's not a racer and it probably won't need to survive being WFO for 80% of the time. You will probably be able to use just about any oil that'll mix with decent results- if you have cases of the oil for your Sea-Doo in the shed I'd go ahead and give it a shot- Just don't go much below 35:1 unless you are going to be spending a lot of time at low RPM.

Personally, I'd stick with the injection system if it's available and functional- your engine was designed for long service with it providing the lubrication and mixing fuel and oil is a pain in the rear everywhere but at the track.
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