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Originally Posted by seņormoto View Post
How did it go? Good results?

So here is my wrap job...

The wrap is 3M Scotch Print. It was leftover from doing our 4x4s, so im not sure what the cost is on it.

I used about 5' x 4' to do the pieces I wrapped.

This is my first experience wrapping anything since I did my text books in elementary school.

There are lots of curves, and because of this, I had to do a couple of the parts with multiple pieces of wrap. The front beak was the toughest part, and it it was for the black plastic part, it would have been almost impossible.

Here it is, it was the first piece I did. If I would have tried it again, i probably could have done it without the visible wrinkles.

Next was the top side pieces...

This one we tried with 1 piece of wrap...

(I took off the snorkel cover on this side, NOT recommended, it was a PAIN, and I was tired and frustrated...)

Here is the other side, I did it with 2 pieces of vinyl, it worked out alot better.

Here is the rear tank covers. The exhaust side was done with one piece, the filler side was done with 2 pieces.

The top Piece:

And a finished product:

I have "F800" stickers getting made at a shop, Ill have them on later this week.

So, if a professional was to do this, I would say it is a completely viable option of an F800. I'm not sure on the F650, because the lover part of the side panels has a lot of goofy angles. It was easy on mine because that part was black, so I could leave it, but it is all one surface on the F650.

So anyway, that is my first experience, I definitely want to do more wrapping, and it is a cheap option, especially if you are not super picky on perfection.

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