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Originally Posted by Tim McKittrick View Post
Of course, the F7 175 in question here is hardly one to be exposed to extreme stresses- it's not a racer and it probably won't need to survive being WFO for 80% of the time. You will probably be able to use just about any oil that'll mix with decent results- if you have cases of the oil for your Sea-Doo in the shed I'd go ahead and give it a shot- Just don't go much below 35:1 unless you are going to be spending a lot of time at low RPM.
Thanks Tim. I bought three F7 Kaw's and after riding the running/riding one last evening for the first time on the highway, it almost sounded like it was almost WFO at 55 MPH. The Sea-Doo oil is rather pricy as I recall from the last time I bought some, but I might use it in the current injected bike until I sell it. On the "tracker" pre-mix bike I had settled on 32:1 being a good ratio from all of comments on the pre-mix vs. injected thread I started. Your mention of not going below 35:1 would bear that out. Where I live the riding I do is almost all at 50 MPH+.

Do the Maxima Castor 927 or Motul 800 oils you mentioned stay mixed in with the gas well, rather than separate out like the article mentioned some bean oil based oils do? I remember a friend of mine, who had an OSSA years ago, always gave it a good shake, side-to-side, when he got on it.


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