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Originally Posted by ct_rider View Post
I too had to bail on 2010 and will be at the 2014 running. Planning to ride it on a Super Enduro.
The Canol, Dempster and Denai roads are perfect for your Super Enduro. The Canols will be 2nd-4th with an occasional 5th. The Dempster is a real thrill running up and down the gearbox endlessly; 3rd-4th-5th. A little slower on the Denali in that you probably don't top 70mph very often. Well, it depends on the conditions as they change season by season. In 2006 the Denali was rough with babyheads. Pickups ran about 20mph while the bikes were about 50. 2010 was smooth and fast.

Telegraph Creek is a twisty thing, better for a thumper, but very fun on anything. The Blackwater will be slow going initially because the front part is all TSD and unless you really know your timing equipment, you'll be struggling to read all your roadbook notes . But after the TSD is done, you'll be honking that big twin like nobodies business. I followed Crankshaft through there in 06 after he came by me. He gave me a good pace to try and hang onto and was very fun trying. Just be prepared for free range cattle...

Top-of-the World for use was all mud, but it had good grip if you had knobbies. There was a Suby WRX that came by us and really having fun!

You'll have some mud. I've never been up there when we didn't have lots of rain.
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