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HPMGuy is making a new run of his triples for this application:

Originally Posted by HPMGuy View Post
Group Buy Number Two for the R-Dubb designed triple clamps that will mount KTM 50mm Extremes, 4860's, or 43mm forks to your Airhead BMW.

Many have expressed interest in another run of these triples, so I am starting a list to see if we can get enough to do a second run. A lot of info can be found about this setup here on the previous group buy thread.

Pricing will remain the same as the last run, $536 for the Upper and Lower Triples, New Stem pressed in place, Stem Top bolt/washer and hardware.

I will PM everyone on the list to confirm interest, and then chart it here so we can see where we stand.

Also, there has been some interest expressed in a lower triple with a greater depth to properly grip the 4860's that come on the 950/990 Adventure Bikes. If anyone else is interested in this, join in as well. If we can get a few takers the cost should be close to the same as the regular setups.

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your bike is suitably dirty. Well done.
So I sold my GS and went shopping for a G/S!
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