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After 250 miles of barron desert and high winds, especially coming through Mojave area. Holy crap!! I was getting blown all over the road, some of the worst cross winds I ever experienced. Had to stop a couple times just to get my breath back...

It was so worth it though when I can fuel up in Lone Pine, CA and spot this from the store parking lot

Tallest Peak in the lower 48
Mount Whitney

Had a very interesting conversation in the lot with an old Vietnam Vet,SF Green Berret. He was so politically incorrect and knarly that it was a trip talking with him. He rambled on and on about Nam, the state of the country, Hollywood, Harleys and Death Valley...didn't want to be rude, but hell I wanted to roll...certaintley didn't want to offend as he looked like he would gut me in a second

I finally broke free and stop a bit down the road for some glamour shots

Shitty stitch, but still pretty cool lookin

Left off 395 toward the valley, looked in rear view and just had to stop Freakin beautiful contrast between the barron high desert floor and the snow cap peaks of the Eastern Sierras

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