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Stage 5, Batopilas to Urique

57 miles, 9.5 hours.

No Google map, roads don't show up.
We're OFF the grid.

We leave Juanita’s the way we came.

IMGP1055 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1058 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Here’s a shot of the size propane tank the guy carried up the hill!

IMGP1060 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1059 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Our first stop of the day will be Mission Satevo

IMGP1068 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

The only person there is this young lady (17) holding out a laminated print out talking about how she has epilepsy and needs money for medication. Is it true, I am not sure, but she is charming and out doing her thing. Oh, and she has a handshake that will crackle the bones in your hand! Well, when I got some time I researched this and it is true. Another thread on advrider talks about her and that a family is trying to get her a Visa to Canada to live and get treatment, long process. Wonder if she knows how much is written about her on the internet? Found lots of ride reports, mountain bike sites, backpacking sites all mention her.

cc 2012 065 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

The mission is closed, apparently the money dried up funding the rehab. Get some photos, backtrack into town, have some breakfast at Carolina’s, gas up, and head UP and OVER to Urique.

IMGP1071 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1072 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1073 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Stuck the camera through a hole in the door....

IMGP1074 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Get some photos, backtrack into town, have some breakfast at Carolina’s, gas up, and head UP and OVER to Urique. Mike relayed to us that he had watched some clandestine truck activety late at night, couple trucks moving a load of “hay” bales down the river road. Not sure why he didn’t get any pictures???

IMGP1076 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1078 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1079 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Saw these water wheel mills down in the river and didn’t know what it was, turns out they are used to grind ore and get at the gold. Small claim holder operations.

Gold_Ore_Crusher_1 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

These roads never look as steep in the photos as they really are. We are climbing at a pretty good rate here.

IMGP1080 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1082 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

For some odd reason this music video just seemed appropriate. Only 260 views on youtube for this video, come on advriders, lets hit it!

Not only steep, but rutted, steps, loose rock, sharp hairpin switchbacks, steep camber, not to mention a cliff on one side! This is where I start getting challenged. Now I am dealing with a finger I can’t use on my clutch hand, the need to keep rpm between 4000-5000 to keep engine from flooding, in first gear picking my line while slipping clutch constantly, can only tippy toe the ground on a level surface, and less experience the the other guys. No problem though, this is fun!

IMGP1083 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1084 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMG_0737 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMG_0738 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr
Brad got a workout helping lift the pig four times on this stretch alone, thanks Brad.

Once you get up the wall of the canyon things level out and the road is pretty nice. Brad and I found Burt and Mike resting in the pine forest so we joined them. I finished off my second (and last) liter of water and we’re only a third of the way! Good thing it was overcast and mild temperature.

IMGP1085 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1086 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1087 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1088 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1089 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Well, once you cross the mesa, you get to descend down the face of another canyon to Urique.

IMGP1091 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1092 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

What the whaat? Really? This is not proper descent route. It was nice of the farmer to put a brush fence there, came in handy. A little 15 foot drop on the other side of it. Of course a quarter of a mile either side of this location I wouldn’t be doing this ride report.

IMGP1093 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr
Not sure what happened, loss of concentration I think, easy area and I was probably checking out the view and caught a big rock, the size of a head. I was actually travelly left to right, bike turned 180 degrees from direction of travel and 3 to 4 feet down off the road. Good old Brad to the rescue. First thing he says is “How'd that happen?”. We tugged and pulled and dug a little, but got it back on the road. I was in granny gear after this. Brad probably didn’t know it was possible for someone to ride so slow!

I think the big rock behind back wheel had something to do with this.

IMGP1094 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Aha, destination is in site, and I am getting thirsty!

IMGP1097 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Its tempting, but I’m not drinking any of this!

IMGP1098 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

As the guys are donning their tennis shoes I’m thinking, put tennis shoes in for next trip.

IMGP1102 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr
Luckily pretty dry, just under my knee and just over the top of my boots. This is my biggest, longest, deepest water crossing to date. River bottom was rocks from baseball to soccer ball size with a few bigger ones thrown in just to screw with you. The boys helped me get across and all is well. A small group of kids watched, probably waiting for one of us to do the submarine manouver, but it didn't happen.

IMGP1100 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Obligatory stop at edge of town

IMGP1103 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1104 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1106 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1109 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1107 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Now when we were in Creel we saw signs for this Ultramarathon in Urique which would occur a day or two ahead of us. Not too many beds in this town. We’re hoping all the marathoners will be gone and they are. This is a big event, 500 runners this year plus all the support team, friends, tourists. I guess people were sleeping everywhere, down along the river, where ever they could find a spot. Winner was same guy as last year, a Tarahumara, ran 80 kilimeters (50 miles) in 6 hours 40 minutes. Thats faster than we did on the bikes! Winner gets 35,000 pesos (thats like the mega lottery down there, I think about $3000). Everyone that finishes gets 500 pounds of corn. Can you imagine running 50 miles and then having to lug 500 pounds of corn home??!! And think of the Americans and how much the airline will charge for being over the weight limit!

IMGP1112 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Here is a little history on a previous ultramarathon. Just google if you want to learn more about it.

[edit] Here is this years winnings: The winner was the young Miguel Lara with a new course record of 7:04! Second place was a high country Raramuri from way on the other side of the Sierra in a place called Tataguichi, in the county of Guachochi. And third was a 23 year old up and comer, Florencio Quimare, from Batopilas canyon. Like in the U.S.A; the young'ens are running strong! The winner won $3,000 dollars cash and a ton [literally!] of corn. Second place earned over $2,000 and third $1,500. The top 5 also all won a ton of corn. The second 5, places 6-10 all won about $250 dollars and 1/2 ton of corn. ALL finishers won 500 pounds of corn. The corn prizes were in vouchers at the value of the corn to purchase whatever food items are desired or needed.

Also, this sad news. LINK
[end edit]

A little goat and cactus after a hard day is nothin but good!

IMGP1114 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

IMGP1115 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

State of the art well and pump

IMGP1118 by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Rooms have TV, but the cable was cut and routed to the new hotel, oh well, I don’t really care what's going on in the world. Proprietor turned on the hot water heater and a nice hot shower was had. Falling asleep so early every nite I usually get up at 3 and go outside and check things out. Lots of stars down here, no light pollution.

Here is the profile for today, Batopilas on the left, Urique on the right. Kind of steep going up and down the canyon walls!

Profile Batopilas to Urique by DDMcGinnis, on Flickr

Tomorrow we plan to make it to Chinipas, the third canyon we will visit.
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