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Originally Posted by pinocono View Post
I had signed up for r3r3r's (Randall) ride to Ballarat, through Goler Wash, over Mengel Pass, with a cabin to visit, and some fantastic riding on a variety of off-road surfaces. Friday night, I was really whooped, and almost talked myself out of this ride. I am so glad I didn't. These guys were great, and riding with them had me challenging myself, and growing as an off-road rider.

It took some effort to roust a few of us from the lethergy brought on by lunch, but we did get back on the bikes and headed down Butte Valley and Warm Spring Canyon to West Side Road. West Side Road was just fast, fast, fast, dusty, and did I say fast. I thought I was haulin', when r3r3r blasted by me like I was stuck in 1st gear! Randal did yeoman's duty herding his cats. He must've put on an additional 60 miles or more running back and forth to check on us stragglers.

I want to thank everybody I came in contact with for making this a fantastic event for me. From the ride leaders, to the folks that made the dinners happen, to each and every one of you that gave me encouragement and pointers, to my fellow n00bs that inspired me, thank you for a great time.

And Joel, thanks for organizing this shindig. It really is an event where the"elders" pass on their knowledge and take us n00bs under their wings, to show us the way. I've been having fun on this bike for several months now, but I am really hooked now. I had more fun than a tornado in a trailer park.

Dave, I'm glad you were able to make this ride, too. Even more so that you had a such a great time. I'd be glad to ride with you anytime!

Originally Posted by Mikey113 View Post
The Steel ride was challenging and got me ready for Goler / Mengal on Saturday. Randall (r3r3r) was equally a good ride leader. You guys are a wealth of knowledge. Back in camp Josh and Keith were good company and guys I'd like to ride with in the future. Everyone I spoke with was cool - there just wasn't enough time get to know ya-all.

Hope to see you all soon!
Mike, I'm also glad that you were able to join us on the Goler/Mengel ride. Good talking with you as well. Send me a PM if you have any more questions about XRs.
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