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Originally Posted by David_Moen View Post
4 strokes can be a little easier for newbies to get thier heads around in terms of power characteristics.
TRUTH! My previous dirt experience was an XR80 that I had when I was 13. I picked up a KTM200EXC(which I'm glad to see is the most recommended bike so far) and I must say the learning curve of going from pretty much riding just sport bikes to full dirt/single track on a 2 stroke has been a pretty interesting learning curve vs. what I expect a 4 stroke would have been. Whiskey throttling a 2 stroke or at least the one I have turns into complete insanity super fast if you're a newer rider. At least in my experience. But, other than that two strokes are FUN FUN FUN.

Examples of whiskey throttle oops...

Whiskey throttle going up a steep hill, first day out on the bike, hadn't adjusted the bark busters and punched a tree. No, I don't wear the ring while riding anymore.

Whiskey throttle after getting squirrelly through a mud puddle ends up in a swan dive into a deeper mud puddle. Buddy wasn't following close enough to get the actual splash down but you get the aftermath.

But again, I love the 200. I actually was just getting it for trail riding but really glad to see this thread as I want to do some ATV Motion series races next fall. Thought about doing one this spring but no way do I think I'll be ready for it yet so going to take spring and summer and ride a bunch then see about doing some enduro/races in the fall.

So far I've ridden dirt, rock, sand(sand is horrible), and did my first MX track last weekend. MX tracks are RAD for being able to work on various things as it's repetitive. Also jumping a bike for the first time was a good rush too. I was wanting to work on turning and trying to get faster with that so it was great to be able to know exactly what was coming with the next turn.

Anyhow, fun fun stuff will be looking for any and all suggestions and recommendations for getting better at single track/enduro style riding. Mostly right now I"m out of shape, so going to start trying to do stuff to get into better shape, I think that will help a lot.

Cheers! Nice to see other mid life crisis guys hanging it out there. I'm 39.
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