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Stumbled upon this being an arm chair adventure dreaming of my next great adventure.

Thanks for sharing!! It made me go back through my photos last night and remember my time in that far away land.
Great thread about India! I experienced many of the same highs and lows on my trip to India spent time in Rajastan and Jammu (jammu was for an indian wedding).

I know my wife and I had 2 days during our trip we holed up in our hotel because of the outside world was just so stange and demanding that it took a toll on our nerves. The tourist area's are full of people like those at smart motors from our experience and once we got away from the main attractions and tried to fit in more with the local customs it made our trip better - example taking rickshaw vs. a/c cabs..

I wrote up a review on expoportal awhile back but it is like many other you read on the country.

again thanks for sharing!
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