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Someone (on another forum) commented on my scratched up side panels.

Not a biggy to me.. They're not scratch's - That's "Adventure CRED"...
I originally had SW-Motech crash bars but decided it was 5 or 6 kg hanging off the front that I could do without.

I elected to remove the bars and see just how good the plastic OEM side protectors work.
Obviously they dont offer anywhere near the protection of tube steel crash bars, but you are also not encumbered with the extra girth and weight. That said, I think the plastic guards have done an admirable job as the bike has been down in the dirt and gravel quite a number of times on both sides.

My son took the bike for a quick ride during last week and bought it back with a broken right hand plastic protector.
Ya think this will buff out?

This part is affordably replaceable at $US31 - The bastards over here (Yamaha Australia) charge $89 for the same part

As I said above, the bike is in dire need of a clean and polish, and to be honest, most of this will polish out.

The scars above were from a 30>40ft slide down a muddy gravel road where the bike ended up front wheel high on an embankment laying in 6" of water
This is the only damage - Even the carbon muffler survived unscathed.

I'm actually waiting for someone to offer these up for sale:

As soon as they are available, i'm in there with bells on.. I will prolly end up getting the seat re-trimmed in alcantara as well.

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