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Originally Posted by Jim Williams View Post
Will this "frameless kit" work for those of us that already have Kriega bags? Can we just buy the kit? Also, the documentation makes it look like you need to drill holes in plastic bodywork. Is there a set up for those of us on more street oriented dual sports? I love the Kriega bags, but would prefer they be mounted like the overlander.
Hi Jim,

The Overlander gear was designed primarily for hardcore off-road use and the 30 is aimed squarely at Enduro / dirt bikes, which all have pretty much the same basic design, enabling bags to be mounted without frames. Adventure Touring type bikes generally require racks to mount side bags because these machines vary quite dramatically in layout (particularly in the placement of exhaust pipes).

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, such as the KTM 990 Adventure, where the Overlander 30 - and an alternative mounting to drilling holes for the Rack Loops - could be an option. But in general, as windquest said, the Overlander 60 is going to be the best soft pannier system on these kind of bikes.

Kriega US bags were designed specifically as universal fit tail packs with an option to tank-mount, so using them as the basis of a side-mounted system would have been - at best - a major compromise. Which is, thankfully, something the Kriega lads don't really go in for.

Overlander is a completely new product line and, due to the differences in functionality between tail packs and panniers, bags purely for this application needed to be developed. Therefore, the 15L Overlander Drypacks are significantly different to the US packs, being made from heavy duty 1000D Cordura with reinforced backs (to maintain their shape) and stainless steel eyelets for the alloy attachment hardware.

I do hear what you're saying about racks / frames though. Personally, I was never a big fan of panniers either, and was completely happy with my rear rack and seat-mounted UScombos. But after experiencing how little this system affects 'ridability' and how well it works, I'll definitely be fitting a Overlander 60 for long hauls, so I can free up the rear seat in case I need to haul more gear, or maybe even take the wife on that trip I've been promising her. But if racks / frames really aren't your thing seat-mounted bags are the only real option.

The frameless fit kit will be available separately to the full systems, but this is really only so that folks who own the 60 have the option to use two of the bags from that in a different way, or as a replacement part in case of loss etc.

Hope that helps.


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